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Table of contents Study of music and MVDr Algorithm for direction of arrival estimation

Localization of optic disc in retinal fundus images for glaucoma and diabetes

Comparative study of different methods of fingerprint matching techniques for privacy protection

 Comparative study of various methods of super resolution for image reconstruction

A review on error concealment in spatial domain

Helping hand gloves for deaf & dumb

Vision-based hand gesture recognition system

A new data compression algorithm for wireless sensor network using k-rle

A review on performance analysis of mimo ofdm system using adaptive qam modulation technique

 Remote video monitoring system based on arm and gprs

Adaptive binarization technique based on block-wise mean calculation for noisy scanned document images

Multi-view object recognition using feature detection & descriptor algorithms

Simulation of super-heated steam generator for performance analysis

Study of polarization diversity antenna for wireless communication to improve signal quality

A review on different patient monitoring system for foot neuropathy

Ecg analysis for real time biometric user recognition

Hand gesture recognition and voice conversion system for deaf-mute people using arm7

Hand gesture recognition system for dumb people

Real time driver vigilance system

Border security system using arm11

 Photography enhancement based on the fusion of tone and color mapping

Medical diagnosis using tongue color analysis

Hand gesture controlled application for heavy lifts and cranes

Survey paper on partially reconfigurable psk modulators on fpga

Normal and abnormal blood vessels detection on retina

Techniques of indoor positioning and localization system – a review

Super-resolution of image using discrete wavelet transform

3d stereoscopic image restoration technique

A review on different mileage indication techniques for two-wheeler

Single-phase, single-stage, transformer-less grid connected pv system with low thd

Investigation of cascaded h bridge multilevel inverter as distribution static compensator in power system for compensation of reactive power and harmonics

Analysis of fault current contribution from grid connected renewable energy sources

Study the performance characteristic of induction motor

Upfc to findout electro-mechanical oscillations

Interfacing of renewable energy source to grid using statcom to improve the power quality

Plc based controlling of induction motor

Design and experimental investigation of turbocharger on performances of diesel engine

X-ray diffraction studies of ferrite

A review on modal analysis of cracked beams

Use of muscles energy for fiber extraction machine (sisal)

A review on condition monitoring  of single point cutting tool using vibration signals and decision tree algorithm

A state of art to defect detection on bearing by using methods of conditional monitoring & finite element analysis

Ergonomic design of bicycle handle

Study of torsional oscillations damping using statcom

Testing and performance of concrete solar collector

Survey on decentralized access control mechanisms for data storage in cloud

An overview of disarray in study of the effect of the different screw profiles and diameter of dental implants

Inelastic behaviour of multi-storeyed rc buildings retrofitted with shear wall

Improve user navigation on a website by using web structure mining

Combined mining: dikicd